Re-imaged, again

I re-imaged my machine today.  It went a little smoother than last time (mentioned without much detail here).

This time I backed up everything first, and restored most of it, I think.  All the email, websites, and blog entries, at least.

And I accomplished my main objective: fix mail so it works correctly, without me feeling like it was twine and bailing wire, and fix blog commenting.  Long story short, they seem to work now.  But you do still have to login.  Which you should be able to do with a variety of identity providers.

I also added an image to the header, and made a favicon out of it.

And then I had to Google how to force a reload of a favicon.  Haha.  (Go here and do whatever your browser requires to force a reload; on Mac Chrome it’s Shift-Cmd-R.)

Update: And I managed to install a new editor on the blog, too: TinyMCE.  Much nicer than the default rich text editor.  And doesn’t delete two characters when I only press delete once on my Mac!  🙂

Administrative notes, 2/18/14

I really dislike the Movable Type rich text editor.  Need to find some alternative.
Also, comments are still broken; haven’t been able to figure out why.  🙁  Actually, I think what’s broken is creating an account, or logging in to your account.  But since I require that to comment, it boils down to the same thing.  I won’t be turning that off; too much spam otherwise.  (Any is too much.)
Should probably just reinstall it or change to some other platform.  I think that’d be my, what, third?  Fourth?  I dunno.  Well, it’s not like I blog much anyway.  Or have too many readers.  So far as I know, he said archly.  As I mentioned, comments are broken; if you read this blog, please feel free to drop me a line at, or tweet me at @lispyperl.  I’d love to hear from you.
Even further aside: I’ve gotten away from both Lisp and Perl (sort of — I still do mostly Perl at work), and into Go (#golang).  So “lispyperl” is less apropos than it used to be.  On the other hand I still like Lisp, I just have no plans to actually use it any more, alas.  (My loss, the Lispers would say.  🙂

Tiny Habits for 2/18-23

Tiny Habits is a program from BJ Fogg that teaches you a practical process to create new habits.  I did his program last week and enjoyed it a lot.

Here are mine for this week, 2/18-23

  1. After I sit down at my computer, check Wunderlist
  2. After I sit down at my computer, close Facebook, blog, Twitter, what-have-you.
  3. After I stand up from my computer, put something away.
Hat tip to my friend Tom for the first one.