Re-imaged, again

I re-imaged my machine today.  It went a little smoother than last time (mentioned without much detail here).

This time I backed up everything first, and restored most of it, I think.  All the email, websites, and blog entries, at least.

And I accomplished my main objective: fix mail so it works correctly, without me feeling like it was twine and bailing wire, and fix blog commenting.  Long story short, they seem to work now.  But you do still have to login.  Which you should be able to do with a variety of identity providers.

I also added an image to the header, and made a favicon out of it.

And then I had to Google how to force a reload of a favicon.  Haha.  (Go here and do whatever your browser requires to force a reload; on Mac Chrome it’s Shift-Cmd-R.)

Update: And I managed to install a new editor on the blog, too: TinyMCE.  Much nicer than the default rich text editor.  And doesn’t delete two characters when I only press delete once on my Mac!  🙂