A note to prospective trackback users

I get a lot of trackback spam.  I’ve not yet gotten a “real” trackback, so far as I can tell.  I do try to check for valid trackbacks, but it’s possible, even likely, that I’d miss one.  If you’ve linked to my blog, or would like to, please feel free to let me know, either in comments or via email.

Email: “Your website is broken on my iPhone”

I got an interesting email from one Larry Peek, claiming that theclapp.org is broken on his iPhone, with a link to a picture of how it does look.

It looks exactly the same, barring a change in width.
I started to reply, but instead I just (admittedly somewhat maliciously) reported him as spam.
Today is not a good day to send me alarming and yet false emails about my website, or in fact anything at all.

QFTD, 6/20/13

From Manager Tools email “Things I Think I Think”.
If you don’t know exactly how your work is noted and valued by a paying customer, you’re not thinking clearly, or you’re too far away from the customer.
Quoting Drucker: Results only exist on the outside.  Inside an enterprise, there are only costs.

This applies to both for-profit and non-profit enterprises.

“Work spouse”

I ran into this phrase in a Think Geek ad, Googled it, and found this:

One source characterizes the relationships as “platonic, close, opposite-sex couplings, with no romantic strings attached.””

Let me just say, I’m happy that my “work spouse” is my actual spouse.  (And, just to be clear, it’s non-platonic and there are romantic strings attached!  🙂  I <3 working from home!