cd pub; more beer

My flight is delayed.  Probably.  They won’t commit.  “We’re probably gonna be late, just so you know, but YOU should be there on time ANYWAY, ’cause we MIGHT get our shit together and get another aircraft.”[1]  Well, at least they told me.

[1] Not their exact words.

Stupid directional earbuds

I’ve started using an iPod a friend of mine gave me (thus using less memory on my iPhone).  I’m using the earbuds that came with my iPhone5.  Probably once a day I realize that they’re really faint, and that I have them in the wrong ears, pointed the wrong way.


Grammar fail

I hate it that I’ve seen so many bad grammatical constructs that I had to Google whether “hers” or “her’s” is correct.

(Of course it’s “hers”.  You wouldn’t say “hi’s”, would you?  Gawd, I hope not.)

Staying up late

Yesterday I wrote some more about my personal axioms, and mentioned a scene in the book Starship Troopers.  I couldn’t find the text online, so I ponied up my $10 and bought the Kindle version, and ended up staying up well past midnight, reading more than half the novel

It’s good sometimes to return to the classics.  I should probably reread Have Spacesuit, Will Travel, too.  (Yeah, you might not consider it a classic, but it was pivotal to my youth.)