Administrative notes, 2/18/14

I really dislike the Movable Type rich text editor.  Need to find some alternative.
Also, comments are still broken; haven’t been able to figure out why.  🙁  Actually, I think what’s broken is creating an account, or logging in to your account.  But since I require that to comment, it boils down to the same thing.  I won’t be turning that off; too much spam otherwise.  (Any is too much.)
Should probably just reinstall it or change to some other platform.  I think that’d be my, what, third?  Fourth?  I dunno.  Well, it’s not like I blog much anyway.  Or have too many readers.  So far as I know, he said archly.  As I mentioned, comments are broken; if you read this blog, please feel free to drop me a line at, or tweet me at @lispyperl.  I’d love to hear from you.
Even further aside: I’ve gotten away from both Lisp and Perl (sort of — I still do mostly Perl at work), and into Go (#golang).  So “lispyperl” is less apropos than it used to be.  On the other hand I still like Lisp, I just have no plans to actually use it any more, alas.  (My loss, the Lispers would say.  🙂