Printing Kindle cookbook content

Say you have a cookbook on your Kindle app and want to print a recipe. The Kindle app itself won’t let you print, and cut-and-paste out of a Kindle app kind of sucks. A quick search finds several methods (up to and including photocopying your Kindle Paper device, haha) all of which sound like they’d also kind of suck.

This worked for me: Log into the Kindle Cloud Reader ( Open the cookbook to the recipe in question. Tweak the display (margins, font size, number of columns, etc) so that as much of the recipe fits on one page as possible. Tell your browser to print the page (Cmd-P on Chrome on Mac, or just File -> Print).

It only prints one page at a time, but for a recipe, that might well be enough.

Edited to add: This was the cookbook.  Highly recommended.  Bacon & Butter: The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Cookbook, by Celby Richoux.