“On LoseIt” … well, not really

So my last couple Fitness Status posts have said “Nth week on LoseIt”.  But I can’t really say that.  I’ve only logged food on 7 days since 6/4, and for 3 of the previous 5 weeks before that, I “took the weekend off”.  So depending on how you count it, I was only really “on” LoseIt for about 10 weeks (3/26 – 6/1).

And even then, I was at or below “budget” only 2 of those ten weeks; for the other 8 I was an average of 2176 cal over budget per week, or 310 per day.  So my record for actually stopping when I was “supposed to” definitely sucks.
Pretty amazing I’ve lost any weight at all, really.
Here’s hoping it was mostly fat and not muscle!

Weight / fitness status, 7/9/12

End of week 15 on LoseIt.  Up 5 lbs since last entry (two weeks ago, 6/25); net loss so far, 3.2 lbs.
My starting weight 3/26 was 189.6
My current weight is 186.4
My goal weight is 175
My plan is to lose 1 lb per week
My calorie budget is 1,733
My goal date is September 28, 2012, almost 12 weeks away.  ๐Ÿ˜›
My original date was July 8, 2012 (yesterday, at the time of writing, alas)
I was in Portland, OR last week for the BHS’s International convention.  I was 183 before I left, so apparently I gained over 3 lbs in a week.  Hopefully some of that is water weight which I’ll shed in the next few days as I return to a less carby diet.  Fasting today till dinner in an attempt to get that started.  ๐Ÿ™‚
I’ve been on an upward trend since my most recent low of 178.8, 6/15.  Since then I’ve been to MD for a week and OR for a week.  *sigh*

Of course I can’t blame it all on poor eating while traveling.  Rather a lot of ice cream lately, and then pizza and ice cream last night after we got home.  Boooo.  And of course in my 6/25 entry I said “I ate fairly well [in MD], and even IF’d twice.”  Haven’t worked out much lately, either.

Weight / fitness status, 6/25/12

End of week 13 on LoseIt.  Down 1 lb since last entry (two weeks ago, 6/11); net loss so far, 9.2 lbs.
My starting weight 3/26 was 189.6
My current weight is 180.4
My goal weight is 175
My plan is to lose 1 lb per week
My calorie budget is 1,693
My goal date is August 3, 2012
My original date was July 8, 2012
I was in MD last week.  I ate fairly well, and even IF’d twice (Monday & Thursday).  I managed to not repeat last trip’s travesty of consuming an entire medium pizza Sunday night!  ๐Ÿ™‚
Worked out a bit two Sundays ago (6/17), not so much yesterday.  Had all day, too.  Maybe tonight, since my usual Monday night gig has been canceled.

Weight / fitness status, 6/11/12

End of week 11 on LoseIt.  (And hey, look, today’s the 11th.  Meaningless coincidence in action! ๐Ÿ™‚  Down 1.7 lbs since last entry (two weeks ago, 5/29); net loss so far, 8.2 lbs.

My starting weight 3/26 was 189.6
My current weight is 181.4
My goal weight is 175
My plan is to lose 1 lb per week
My calorie budget is 1,700
My goal date is July 27, 2012
My original date was July 8, 2012
Haven’t logged in LoseIt in over a week.  Was in TN most of last week.
I’m 6.4 lbs from my goal, and 3-ish weeks [edit: 4-ish weeks, oops] from my original target date (according to LoseIt) of 7/8, had I lost a pound a week steadily since 3/26.  The primary hurdles in my way of losing 6.4 pounds in the next three weeks are upcoming travel.  It’s hard to eat well when you’re traveling.  (Well, anyway, it can be hard for me to eat well when I’m traveling.  ๐Ÿ™‚

Weight / fitness status, 5/29/12

End of week 9 on LoseIt.  (Didn’t log week 8, so don’t go looking for it.  I was in MD on business last week, and yesterday was a US holiday and I just forgot.)  Up 2 lbs since last entry 5/14; 6.4 lbs net loss since 3/26.

My starting weight 3/26 was 189.6
My current weight is 183.2
My goal weight is 175
My plan is to lose 1 lb per week
My calorie budget is 1,712
My goal date is July 27, 2012
My original date was July 8, 2012
My first Sunday onsite at work I ate a whole medium pizza for dinner.  It was yummy, but oh my, just a little overboard.  The rest of the week wasn’t as bad, but it wasn’t good.  The past few days haven’t been fabulous, either; the food has been mostly clean (i.e. fresh, fairly low carb, and mostly wheat free), I’ve just eaten too much of it.  And some ice cream.  :9  And I never did get around to exercising last weekend.  ๐Ÿ™
Over the weekend R and I bought some new clothes.  Before I lost 46 lbs in 2010 I wore a 40″ waist; I’m at 34″ now.  Life is good.  ๐Ÿ™‚  (Of course I’ve been a 34 since Dec 2010, but it’s still nice to (still) be at that size.  ๐Ÿ™‚
On the minus side, I have several nice pairs of pants with little wear, that I just can’t wear any more, ’cause they’re too big.  Oh well.  Not a terrible problem to have.  ๐Ÿ™‚

Good advice (he said modestly)

A friend of mine is on Facebook working on losing 200 lbs (starting from 420, I think he said).  He asked if anyone had any nutritional tips.  Well.  I posted a few, and figured I’d post them here, too.

On a side note, I’m kind of surprised that pasting from FB into WordPress worked so well.  Modern technology is pretty amazing.

  • Larry Clapp A site I like, and that helped me lose 46 lbs in 2010, is http://www.MarksDailyApple.com/ (“MDA”). I’ve read a lot about diet, nutrition, and exercise in the past three years, and I’ve found that “conventional wisdom” is often wrong. For example:
    – wheat and other grains are actually not that good for you, and wheat in particular is actively bad for most people.
    – The whole “gluten free” thing? Not a fad, and a good idea to at least try.
    – The whole “low carb” thing? Also not a fad. (Well, okay, it was, for a while.) But it turns out that consuming too many carbs does tend to promote obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and just general poor health. “Too many” varies by individual, but < 100g/day is a good place to aim for when trying to lose weight. Contrast this to the “recommended daily intake” of *over 300g/day*!
    – Eating fat doesn’t “make you fat”, turns out that’s sugar (and probably things that taste like it, like supposedly non-caloric sweeteners).
    – Skipping meals is okay, and may in fact be actively good for you. Search MDA for “fasting” and “intermittent fasting”
    – The “six meals a day” thing to “keep your metabolism going” is not actually supported by the evidence.


    Mark Sisson’s daily musings on health, nutrition, fitness, the health industry and the low-carb, paleo, Primal lifestyle.
    44 minutes ago ยท 
  • Larry Clapp Here are two places I recommend that give a broad outline of what to eat, or actually what *not* to eat:http://www.archevore.com/get-started/ . The first time I read that, I thought, “that guy is whacked”, but the more I read, the more it was in line with current, evidence-supported theories about diet, nutrition, and health.


    An Archevore is someone who eats based on essential principles, and also someone who hungers for essential principles. Take your pick.
    41 minutes ago ยท 
  • Larry Clapp And there’s http://www.gnolls.org/1141/eat-like-a-predator-not-like-prey-paleo-in-six-easy-steps-a-motivational-guide/ . “Predators eat meals, prey grazes on snacks.”


    ?”How does the paleo diet work?” Here’s the simple, solid, and strongly motivational step-by-step guide. You can do this!
    39 minutes ago ยท 
  • Larry Clapp Okay, three places: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/definitive-guide-to-the-primal-eating-plan.

    It’s not an accident that all three of these guys (and their websites) are heavily into reading the actual studies (not just news stories about them); heavily into what’s *practical* as opposed to some fleeting *optimal*; and (grrr) heavily, though pretty much accidentally, *opposed* to “conventional wisdom” about diet, exercise, and health.

    And all three of their eating plans are similar. Imagine.


    Do the Math In my recent Context of Calories post, I explained how the differentSee More
    31 minutes ago ยท 
  • Larry Clapp My biggest piece of advice is, only make changes that you can live with for the rest of your life.

180.0, baby!

180.0.  That’s what the scale said this morning.  Lowest since 10/6/11, when for one day I hit 179.6.  The three day window was 180.4, 179.6, then 180.4 again, so I’m not sure that really counts.  The last time I was consistently hovering around 180.0 was last June.

This could certainly be another outlier, but I’m happy, nevertheless.  ๐Ÿ™‚
[Current “goal date” on LoseIt: June 21.]
[ Update 5/17/12, the next day: 180.0 again this morning, so not a total fluke!  ๐Ÿ™‚ ]

Weight / fitness status, 5/14/12

Week 7.  Net loss so far, 8.4 lbs, down 2.8 from last Monday.
My starting weight 3/26 was 189.6
My current weight is 181.2
My goal weight is 175
My plan is to lose 1 lb per week
My calorie budget is 1,697
My goal date is June 28, 2012
My original date was July 8, 2012
I’ve had a cold since about last Thursday.  Long story short, Friday sucked, Saturday was bad, Sunday was less bad, today is fairly okay so far.  The Primal/Paleo lifestyle may provide higher resistance to disease, but it’s not immunity by any means.  Alas.  ๐Ÿ™‚