Lots of work in the past few days here and at huckridge.com

As mentioned previously, I switched from Movable Type to WordPress.  Wordpress is pretty neat.  I liked it so much I cancelled the somewhat rudimentary and comparatively expensive hosting at GoDaddy I had and installed WordPress for huckridge.com too.  My two apps, ntla and Panopticon, are getting closer to ready for use.  Actually, I think Panopticon is ready for use, as of yesterday.

Random thoughts after switching to WordPress

Yup, switched to WordPress.  I’m not sure I’m going to keep this theme (“Twenty Fifteen”).  It seems kind of, I dunno, diffuse or something.  The font is fairly large.  I can probably tweak that — it seems like you can tweak everything else! — but I haven’t figured out how yet.

I also have several other sites I might like to use it for, and I’m a little leery of having to reinstall or reconfigure everything I’ve done here at theclapp.org.  Maybe there’s a good way around that, I dunno.  I’m fairly certain that the various WP hosting sites have figured it out!  🙂