Three great new tools

Task management: Toodledo,  Different than Remember The Milk, maybe better.  I’m trying it out and may switch permanently.

BetterTouchTool:  Lots of gestures for your Mac.
BetterSnapTool:  A subset of the gestures in BetterTouchTool, but in addition allows you to move a window by pressing a modifier key and moving the mouse.  If you use a touchpad, this is actually just a modifier key and dragging your finger.
All are free.

Rapture Saturday, sort of like Super Bowl Sunday …

… except that the Super Bowl actually happens.

So how come “The Rapture” is always supposed to be soon, like this year, next year, maybe five years out … and never, you know, 500 years out?

Even if it IS this Saturday, that still means that 1000 years ago it was 1000 years in the future.  And yet I’m gonna guess that believers back then thought it was around the corner just like they do now.

Of course I’ve never studied the history of prophecies of the end of the world, so maybe there’re some out there that DO say we’re cool for another thousand years.  See you then.  (Except that I’ll be dead, of course.  🙂

Unintended consequences

Problem: Editor creates “backup” files.  Solution: create a script to find all “*.bak” files and delete them.  Run it manually whenever appropriate.

Problem: Files are too big.  Solution: Use the “split” command to split them into 10k line chunks.  Files are big enough that the “split” default (foo => foo.aa, foo.ab, etc) needs to be changed to a 3 character extension, thus foo =>, foo.aab, etc.

Solutions collide: foo.bak gets deleted the next time I clean up my backup files.  Oops.

More than one Apple

What’s a good plural noun meaning “my iPhone and my iPad”?  I like “my iPhads”.  🙂

I made this up myself.  But Googling it reveals that I’m far from the first with this idea.  Bummer.  But not surprising.

QFTD, 5/17/11

“Life is too long to know C++ well.”  — Erik Naggum, via Peter Seibel

Interesting factoid: I coulda sworn that said “too short”.  To the point that I half-suspected it’d mutated in my cut-and-paste buffer and went back to check.  It’s weird when you mis-read something consistently.  It’s like those experiments where you can read short to medium length words, even if they’re scrambled, as long as the first and last letters remain the same.  I didn’t see “long”, I saw “life is too X” and filled in the blank.

SiriusXM continues to amaze …

… with their stupidity, I mean.

I have a SiriusXM account.  I want to “listen online”.  I reset my password, ’cause I couldn’t be bothered to look it up in the other room.  I try to log in with the password that I just reset.  It doesn’t work.  I reset it again.  I try to log in again.  It still doesn’t work.  I look it up in the other room and try that.  The old one still works.

I don’t know if they have some latency between resetting the password and when it becomes valid (which is dumb), or if they have different credentials for you “SiriusXM account” vs. your “listen online” account (which is dumb).  But if the latter, what is ESPECIALLY dumb, is that the “reset your password” link on the “listen online” login page RESETS THE WRONG PASSWORD.

Did I mention that this was especially dumb?