“On LoseIt” … well, not really

So my last couple Fitness Status posts have said “Nth week on LoseIt”.  But I can’t really say that.  I’ve only logged food on 7 days since 6/4, and for 3 of the previous 5 weeks before that, I “took the weekend off”.  So depending on how you count it, I was only really “on” LoseIt for about 10 weeks (3/26 – 6/1).

And even then, I was at or below “budget” only 2 of those ten weeks; for the other 8 I was an average of 2176 cal over budget per week, or 310 per day.  So my record for actually stopping when I was “supposed to” definitely sucks.
Pretty amazing I’ve lost any weight at all, really.
Here’s hoping it was mostly fat and not muscle!