Weight / fitness status, 5/29/12

End of week 9 on LoseIt.  (Didn’t log week 8, so don’t go looking for it.  I was in MD on business last week, and yesterday was a US holiday and I just forgot.)  Up 2 lbs since last entry 5/14; 6.4 lbs net loss since 3/26.

My starting weight 3/26 was 189.6
My current weight is 183.2
My goal weight is 175
My plan is to lose 1 lb per week
My calorie budget is 1,712
My goal date is July 27, 2012
My original date was July 8, 2012
My first Sunday onsite at work I ate a whole medium pizza for dinner.  It was yummy, but oh my, just a little overboard.  The rest of the week wasn’t as bad, but it wasn’t good.  The past few days haven’t been fabulous, either; the food has been mostly clean (i.e. fresh, fairly low carb, and mostly wheat free), I’ve just eaten too much of it.  And some ice cream.  :9  And I never did get around to exercising last weekend.  🙁
Over the weekend R and I bought some new clothes.  Before I lost 46 lbs in 2010 I wore a 40″ waist; I’m at 34″ now.  Life is good.  🙂  (Of course I’ve been a 34 since Dec 2010, but it’s still nice to (still) be at that size.  🙂
On the minus side, I have several nice pairs of pants with little wear, that I just can’t wear any more, ’cause they’re too big.  Oh well.  Not a terrible problem to have.  🙂