This afternoon, Shaun Reynolds, a friend from the chorus and a licensed massage therapist, came over and gave me a Swedish massage.  It was really nice!  If you’re looking for a massage, or a chair massage at your business, or a spa party, or some SomaEnergetics Sound Therapy (one of only two licensed in Tampa!), give him a call!


[Update: Shaun moved out of state in late 2013.  Bummer.]

And tonight Roxanne and I were on our way to try out a local Chinese restaurant, and we noticed a new Thai restaurant on the way.  A quick u-turn and there we were.  Everything seemed very new and I wondered to Roxanne if today was their first day.  I was close!  They opened yesterday!  (1/30/13)  Check out Fine Thai Express (Google Maps link; they do not yet appear to have a website).

Enjoy your massage, and bon appetit!