Inbox Zero achieved, again

Cleared my home inbox for the first time since 1/30, w00t!

I “declared bankruptcy” back on 1/1 and moved everything in my inbox to a different folder, and emptied it at least once a day, every day, till 1/30.  But then events, time, and energy conspired against me and I couldn’t reply to a couple emails that day, or for several days.
I considered filing them and adding tasks to Toodledo, but it seemed silly to add a task that just said “reply to this email”.
Full disclosure: I guess it’s not entirely true to say I got to Inbox Zero.  Just Email Inbox Zero. We cleaned most of the den yesterday, and I added a bunch of physical stuff to a physical inbox.  Gonna start on that today.
When I initially learned about the Getting Things Done methodology, it was at Wikipedia, which is not a bad introduction.  I then bought the GTD book, but I didn’t read all of it.  Mistake.  Now I am, and it’s been quite helpful.  If you haven’t read the whole book, I recommend that you do so; it has a lot of good tips, and goes over several subtleties of the methodology that I don’t think the Wiki article covers.