Weight loss goals, March 2012

From Feb 2010 – Dec 2010 I lost 46 pounds.  I started at 226 and finished at 180.  I’ve kept pretty good track of my weight since then, and the last time I saw 180 was Oct 2011.  A more recent minimum was 182 in mid-Feb.  This past weekend, on Sunday, I hit 192.  🙁  Up ten pounds in a month, wow.

This morning was 189.6.  I strongly suspect that a significant part of my current “overage” is water weight, which will come off pretty fast.  But some of it isn’t.

So anyway, back on LoseIt.com.  Goal is 175, a pound a week, which LoseIt thinks I can make by July 8, about 15 weeks out (oddly enough ;).
More updates as events warrant.  Questions or comments welcome.