What I’d like to know about my chorus

Here are some things I’d like to know about every man in my chorus, active or not:

  • skills
  • interests
  • vacation plans
  • retired?
  • things he wishes the chorus did differently / more of / less of
  • interested in competing?
  • primary interests as a Barbershopper
  • previous chorus memberships?  quartet memberships?
  • previous Board of Director roles, in our chorus or others?
  • any other suggestions or comments
For inactive members, I’d add these, too:
  • what would (or might) make them come back?
  • where do they live?
I have a dream of talking to all the guys in the chorus between now and end of 2011 and finding out all this stuff by the time I have to be President.
What do you wish you knew about every guy in your chorus?