Keeping track of it all

Sure, I write an article like “Full power on takeoff” and then go on vacation for a week.  🙂

Here are some tools I use to keep track of everything, both as Secretary and Wannabe President:
  • Remember The Milk,  Web-based todo lists.  Works on smartphones too.  Faster than many desktop apps.
  • Evernote,  Notes, web clipping, saving documents — there’s a very good chance that if you can store it on a computer, you can clip it to Evernote and take it with you wherever you go.  Windows, Mac, smartphone, web clients.  Windows client works acceptably on Linux under Wine.  (Evernote version 3.1, I think; haven’t tried 3.5 or 4.0.  Just discovered 4.0 for Windows today, in fact, and haven’t had a chance to put it onto my Linux box.)
  • Groupanizer.  The Society recommends it, too.  My chapter is just getting started with it, so I can’t cite too many specifics.
  • Google Mail, Google Calendar.  Get your mail and etc from anywhere.
All these tools have good documentation and active and helpful forums.