Six TODOs, lots of work, no TODOs checked off

Getting home tonight I had six things on my todo list that were Chorus-y.  I worked for maybe an hour, maybe two, and got a lot of stuff done, and none of them were any of the six things actually on my todo list.  But they were all Chorus-y and (hopefully) will all bear good fruit.  Without going into specifics, I caught up on my BoD email and created some tasks in Groupanizer for some BoD members.

Our BoD approved Groupanizer just last week, and I believe in it so much that I’ve donated 8 months of the first year’s subscription, and I wanted to get started with it as soon as I could.  🙂
After that, one of the things I did that was on my todo list was read Bill Biffle’s “Job One” paper on chapter development.  It’s a great read; if you need a good, proven program on how to build your chapter, go download it.