Moving to GMail

After many years of using mutt in a terminal (which followed several years of using elm in a terminal), I’m switching to GMail.  I like it already.

As an aside, since I’ve installed Movable Type and made blogging so much more easier than earlier, I’ve already blogged more in the last week than I’d blogged in the last year.

Unfortunately for you Lispers, none of it has been Lisp-related.  Be patient.  I’ll get back to that eventually.

Quick review of MindRaider

I like it, in concept.  I’ve liked the “mind map” idea since I ran into it.

Mind Raider is slow to move from note to note on my machine.  Maybe it’s because my X server is running unaccelerated.  (Which sucks for various reasons and is currently unavoidable.)

The deal killer for me was the note entry mode.  If I want an item bolded I have to type <b></b>.  To do other rich-text stuff you have to enter similar HTML.  Ick.  Won’t do it.  Sorry, I’m picky.

Before I dismiss it completely I should probably check to see if there’s an actual rich-text editor plugin, though.

In the mean time, I’ll stick with TreePad.

My next task …

So my next task, before I write too many entries, is to decide whether I want to use Movable Type to manage just my blog, or my entire site.  I so dislike writing HTML.  (Although I guess that’s a false dichotomy — there are lots of ways to avoid writing HTML.)