Larry's point of view:
From: Larry Clapp <>
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 18:16:03 -0500
Subject: Love@AOL success story

Hi.  I wanted to let y'all know about my Love@AOL success story.

On 10/19/00, I sent an e-mail to mbrie337, who had posted an ad
at Love@AOL.  She replied two days later, I wrote her back, and
then didn't hear from her again.

On 11/12/00, I was looking at some new houses (in Wesley Chapel,
Florida (about half an hour's drive north of Tampa)) with my
friend Sunny, when a young woman with her mother happened to come
in to the same model Sunny and I were looking at.  I chatted with
the woman, whose name was Roxanne, and Sunny struck up a
conversation with her mother, Dianne, who was closing on a
similar house shortly.  We all eventually went to Dianne's new
house and looked around, and I chatted with Roxanne some more.  I
thought she was pretty cute, and since Sunny (who was also buying
a house in the same neighborhood) and Dianne seemed to've struck
up a friendship, I looked forward to seeing Roxanne again.

That night, I got another e-mail from mbrie337.  It was Roxanne!
We traded several e-mails over the next two weeks while I was in
Columbus, Ohio, on business, and Roxanne and Dianne went to
Dayton, Ohio, to complete Dianne's move from there to Florida.

Rox and I went out on our first date 11/26/00, and last night
(11/12/01), on the anniversary of our first meeting, we got


-- Larry Clapp
Roxanne's point of view:
From: Roxanne
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2001 23:20:26 EST
To: Larry
Subject: My version....

Here's my side of the love story : ) (and it's just a wee bit longer :)  )

It was a very bright, sunny day. Mom and I went to do a final checkup on her
house that was being built and she needed other homes to compare it to. So we
went in to the models, then a couple inventory homes, and then a couple
more... then *like magic* we went in to the LAST inventory home in the
neighborhood. As we walked in there were two people sitting in the window
sill of the den. I nudged my mom and said "Why I can't I find a guy like
that?!" She smiled (as if she knew) and we continued through the home. Mom
struck up a conversation with the Lady in the window (only she wasn't in the
window anymore) and the man in the window (also not in the window anymore)
started strolling through the house. I was bored, I wanted to go home, and   
then I heard the lady from the window say that the man from the window was   
only a friend! Only a friend!!! I perked right up : ) Suddenly, I was no
longer bored and I was willing to stay all day! And I began to stroll through
the house too : ) Eventually the man from the window and I began a
conversation about the various floorplans and where we worked and what we
did... he was very cute! I learned his name was Larry and the lady from the
window was his friend Sunny. I couldn't help but imagine myself living in
that house with him. "What a silly thought", I thought to myself and mom  
announced that we would take Sunny and Larry to see her house. So off we
went. We went to mom's house and all the while I was devising a plan of how I
could see this man again without having to come up with the nerve THAT DAY to
tell him I thought he was attractive and witty and all those good things. I'm
very shy. Really. I was thinking... wow, I'm gonna have to visit mom a LOT!
And go for lots of walks down the street (Sunny had purchased a lot down the
street) Well, Larry told me that he worked at Bank One in Columbus. "How
strange" we discussed that he would fly in and out of town each week for
work. And he told me he lived in Tampa Palms, and that he was slightly
interested in living on the golf course. He didn't play golf but he liked the
dew on the golf course in the morning. I thought to myself... "attractive,
smart, AND romantic! No way!"

Well, it was time for Larry and Sunny to leave. I was sad but also very
thrilled to have met him. What a great person! And I think he likes me!!!!
As they left I leaned to close the front door and Larry did the same on the
other side of the door. Our eyes met and in THAT instant it hit me! Larry!
Columbus! Bank One! Tampa Palms! Oh my.... that's the guy that responded to
my personal ad on the Internet!!!!! Yeah, I did one of those. I admit it.
(Especially now : )  ) Mom, of course, thought I was nuts. Although I can't
remember what exactly she said to me on the drive home I do remember it was
remarks of disbelief. Not the "oh my goodness I can't believe it" kind of
disbelief but the "Roxanne, you have really lost your mind" kind of
disbelief. I couldn't wait to get home : )

The FIRST thing I did when I got home was turn on the computer and went
looking for that one e-mail (and the picture that went along with it).... I
knew it was there but I just had to see it again to REALLY believe it. (I
also had to prove to my mother that I truly hadn't lost my mind!) I was so
excited I think I could have e-mailed myself right through the net that
night. I was also a wee bit worried. After all, Larry wrote to me a while
back and I still hadn't gotten back in touch with him!! Well, I sat down, and
as calmly as I could, I wrote back. I answered all the questions from the
e-mail, most of which we had covered while visiting at the homes earlier, and
then in the very last part of my note I asked him this question "How do you
like the dew on the golf course in the early morning hours?"

Well, he didn't recognize me in person but after reading the e-mail he did
realize it was me : ) And he asked me out on a date!! And then, on the
anniversary of our first date... he asked me to marry him!! It's been magical
from the beginning. I feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful person in my
life, he brings me so much happiness every day of my life. Oh and by the
way...he really is attractive, smart, AND romantic! : ) And he's mine!!!! : )
and I love him with all of my heart : )
Followup 12/30/2002: We got married 11/9/2002 amid many friends and family. A good time was had by all!

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