I've written a partial vi-mode for the Lispworks editor.


Why did I publicize it?

Beyond a certain point, working in a vacuum sucks. I'd like to know if anyone else is interested in it.

If nobody is, I'll keep working on it at my current widely variable pace, for my own edification and instruction. But if other people want to use it too, then I'll do all the usual stuff for an Open Source software project, like make my Wiki actually editable by others, create a mailing list, use an actual distributed revision control system instead of RCS on my local box, that sort of thing.

Doing all that takes a certain amount of time, work, and effort, though, and if all I hear is crickets, then I won't bother. :)

Why did I write it?

Mostly 'cause I like the vi input model and because I've used it for circa 18 years.

Other reasons, in varying degrees of usefulness:





ASDF / ASDF-install?

No, just a load file at the moment. Not even a Lispworks project file. See the documentation link above.




You're looking at it. See also here.

Mailing lists?

None yet. If and only if people are interested, I'll set one up here or get a project page at cl.net. For now, post in the forum [update: disabled], reply to the thread on c.l.l, email me at larry at theclapp dot org, or start something on programming.reddit.com. In particular, please do not discuss this on the Lispworks HUG mailing list.

Prominently missing features

I'm most interested in "visual mode", but that requires an Ex mode to do much of anything useful with, and marks and registers too, so it'll have to wait.

Of course the Emacs emulation has a kind of visual mode, and registers, and yank/put, and lots of other stuff, I just haven't wired in the vi-ish analogs.

In part I posted everywhere about it to find out what people would want next.

"What the heck are you talking about?"

If the first you're hearing about this is via a subscription to my blog, I published a very brief notice on the Lispworks HUG and slim-vim mailing lists, and also on comp.lang.lisp and comp.editors.